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quickbooks Online and quickbooks Desktop are the most commonly used versions of quickbooks. It is majorly used by small enterprises for primary use. In this post, you will learn a basic overview of How to Convert quickbooks Online to quickbooks Desktop in each and every stage. Discover the benefits of switching to quickbooks Desktop. Internet access is required to use quickbooks Online.

Considering quickbooks Online is a cloud-based version, it is the ideal option for you. If you would just rather grant permission outside of the firm. quickbooks Desktop is mainly usable on desktop computers. quickbooks Desktop seems to be more appropriate for financial solutions because it allows several accounts to be maintained in company books.

The key advantages of quickbooks Desktop over quickbooks Online are discussed here. com is a bookkeeping and financial accounting website. Our main goal is to provide the best information and high-quality consultancy for your business growth.

The material and the information contained on this website is only for general information purposes. You should not rely upon the material and the given information on the site as the basis for making any business and any other decisions. How to Convert quickbooks Online to quickbooks Desktop. September 17, Table of Contents. See also Installation and Set Up of quickbooks Mac Desktop. Previous Post. Next Post. Call Now.



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Collaborate in real-time. Add apps, subtract work. See all apps. Get free support and instant updates 7. Free support. Track mileage automatically. Run reports. Progress invoicing. Maximize tax deductions. Send estimates. QuickBooks Payroll. Most popular. Includes up to 3 users. Multi-currency support. Track time. Includes up to 5 users. Track project profitability.

Track inventory. Create and manage budgets. Track classes and locations. Run powerful reports. Includes up to 25 users. Customize access by role. Custom reporting fields. Includes 3 accountant seats. Premium support. Manage employee expenses. Workflow automation. Batch invoicing. Try a demo of QuickBooks Online to get a feel for how it works, risk free.

Take a test drive. Switch to QuickBooks Online in 3 steps. Hear from QuickBooks customers who made the switch. Get the support you need. Video tutorials, webinars, and articles are all available to help you run your business with QuickBooks. Work with a QuickBooks certified accounting professional ProAdvisor to get expert help and grow your business. Helpful online accounting resources.

Read more. Join the 5. Frequently asked questions. Are there features that only QuickBooks Desktop has? Is QuickBooks Online right for me? Features QuickBooks Online requires a computer with a supported Internet browser and an Internet connection a high-speed connection is recommended. Devices sold separately; data plan required.

Not all features are available on the mobile apps and mobile browser. QuickBooks Online mobile access is included with your QuickBooks Online subscription at no additional cost. Product registration required. Online services vary by participating financial institutions or other parties and may be subject to application approval, additional terms, conditions, and fees.

Only credit card payments in Canadian dollars can be accepted. Data access is subject to Internet or cellular provider network availability and occasional downtime due to events beyond our control. Connectivity with your accountant requires your accountant to subscribe to QuickBooks Online Accountant, sold separately. Alternatively, with QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus you can designate your accountant as one of your users.

QuickBooks Desktop hosting is only available via third-party vendors. See their websites for terms and conditions. Select Country. By accessing and using this page you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Terms and conditions. You can make a backup of the data file by going to File , then Back Up Company , and then clicking on Create Local Backup , as shown below:. Creating a backup company file in QuickBooks Desktop. Tip: QuickBooks recommends your company file be located on a local drive before converting to QuickBooks Online.

If you normally access the company file from a network drive, restore the backup file you just created onto your local drive and use that file for your QuickBooks Online conversion. Step 3. Visit QuickBooks Online and subscribe to your preferred version of QuickBooks Online prior to starting the conversion process.

Setting up your QuickBooks Online account. Select Update QuickBooks from the Help menu and follow the instructions. Once the update is complete, export the company file as shown above. You may need to close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop for the update to take effect. Tip: QuickBooks stops supporting desktop programs after three years, so you may not be able to update older programs.

One workaround is to get a free day trial subscription to the latest QuickBooks Desktop Pro. You should be able to export your company file to QuickBooks Online after you open it in the new program. Step 5. Preparing to move your data to QuickBooks Online. If you currently track inventory, QuickBooks will ask whether or not you want to import inventory into QuickBooks Online.

If you say yes to this, your inventory will be recalculated in QuickBooks Online using the first in first out FIFO inventory method from the start date provided. Identify whether or not to import inventory to QuickBooks Online. For that reason, we recommend consulting a tax professional before bringing over your inventory to QuickBooks Online. Since you already set up a QuickBooks Online account, select Yes, sign me in :.

After selecting Yes, sign me in , a log-in screen for your QuickBooks Online account will appear on your QuickBooks Desktop account, as shown below:. When signing into your QuickBooks Online account through QuickBooks Desktop, there will be a prompt to verify your identity.

Check your phone or email and then enter the code to proceed:. Identity verification in QuickBooks Desktop. After successfully logging in to your QuickBooks Account, select the QuickBooks Online company that you want the data to import to from the drop-down list. If you have multiple companies, be careful to select the correct one, as the conversion will replace any existing data.

After you select your company, QuickBooks will work for a few minutes and then give you a confirmation screen similar to this:. QuickBooks data file transfer confirmation. QuickBooks emails you when your QuickBooks Online company is ready, but this could take several hours for a large file. Once you receive an email similar to the one below, click on the Complete your setup button to log in to QuickBooks Online and review your data:. Tip: Exporting lists from Desktop and importing them into Online is only necessary if you were unable to convert your Desktop file using the seven steps above.

For instance, this may happen if you have over , targets or your desktop file is corrupt. An alternative to converting your Desktop file to an Online company is to export important lists from your QuickBooks Desktop company and import them into your QuickBooks Online company. This will transfer your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, products, and services. First, export the lists from Desktop as an Excel spreadsheet. Second, import the Excel spreadsheet into your QuickBooks Online company.

By exporting the following lists from QuickBooks Desktop to Excel, you can save hours of data entry in your new QuickBooks Online company:. Tip: When importing Excel workbooks, QuickBooks Online only imports the first worksheet within a workbook. After exporting Excel workbooks from QuickBooks Desktop, be sure your data is in the first worksheet, or tab, at the bottom of the Excel screen.

First Excel worksheet will import into QuickBooks Online. Navigate to your chart of accounts by clicking on Company from the top menu bar and then selecting Chart of Accounts:. Display a list of your accounts by clicking on Reports at the bottom of the screen and selecting Account Listing :.

Export the Account Listing report as an Excel spreadsheet by selecting Excel , then Create New Worksheet , and following the prompts to save the worksheet to your computer:. Make a note of where you saved the spreadsheet so you can import it into QuickBooks Online later. Navigate to the Customer Center by selecting Customers from the top menu bar and then clicking on Customer Center :. Follow the prompts to save the new worksheet on your computer so you can import it into your QuickBooks Online company later.

Navigate to the Vendor Center by clicking on Vendors in the top menu bar and selecting Vendor Center :. Follow the on-screen prompts to save the worksheet so you can import it into QuickBooks Online Later. Go to the Item List screen by selecting Customers from the top menu bar and then clicking on Item List :. QuickBooks Online will only import the item types Inventory Part, Non-inventory Part, and Service because other item types are part of workflows that differ slightly between Desktop and Online.

Open the Excel workbook you created in the prior step and delete all line entries for items other than the three that will be imported into QuickBooks Online. Tip: Sort your Excel worksheet by the Type column to group your items by type and make deleting lines faster.

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