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What I do is bounce everything I can down to a single backing track and have one, sometimes two input tracks with FX etc on for playing guitar live.

Choosing Logic X for live performance over MainStage –


Love the sound you got on your recording? MainStage makes it easy to bring all the same instruments and effects to the stage. You can even expand your show with prerecorded backing tracks. With Mac as the core of your live rig, setup is faster, teardown is faster, and everything in between is more reliable. And you can easily use your favorite hardware to control every nuance of your performance. The MainStage and Smart Controls interface is designed especially for live performance.

You get a full-screen, high-contrast, and high-resolution Retina display—supported view of your controls, so they stand out from across the stage. And you can set things up so each control is linked to a different parameter in each Patch. With just the controls you need onscreen for your song, you’ll never have to hunt for the right knob. With MainStage, setting up your stage rig is faster than ever.

Start by choosing from a complete range of performance templates, many of them preloaded with great-sounding Patches. Or look to the Patch Library to find a Patch or sound ready to be tweaked to perfection. Just save your live set as a project and MainStage puts all the necessary files into a single folder you can take with you anywhere. MainStage supports your addiction to knobs, buttons, and faders. It can connect with just about any external MIDI device on the planet.

And the interface is simplicity itself. No more assigning knobs over and over for each preset. MainStage also features pickup modes that make fixed controller knobs behave more like the endless encoder knobs found on high-end gear.

If your control surface can receive status information from software, MainStage will send MIDI messages to keep your control displays in perfect sync. MainStage lets you record any audio signal passing through. MainStage turns your Mac into a musical instrument, voice processor, or guitar rig, so you can get studio-level sound on stage — without all the extra equipment.

MainStage gives you an easy-to-understand view of your sounds with a customizable layout that displays exactly what you need for your live performance, minus the clutter of dozens of plug-ins and small mouse-operated controls.

These are arranged sequentially along the time-line, but because they are on different tracks, I can re-arrange the set list by simply dragging the stacks around till you get them in the order you want. I then set the play button in the transport to ‘play from selected section’.

I then highlight the header of the first song stack that I want to perform and hit play the playhead automatically jumps to the right place. I’ve placed a ‘stop playback’ midi command at the end of each song, which means does exactly what it says, so that when I’m ready to play the next song, I simply hit the down arrow, highlighting the next stack header and hit play again. My arrange window looks like this below. Happy to explain further, if you require – it works really well for me.

I also have midi cc and pc programmed in for each song, included in each stack, to automate my fx and amp switching and light show. Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. The divider at the top of the window allows you to switch between active areas, so that you can quickly flick between working in the traditional linear fashion and in the loop-based workflow.

But this switching can also be applied on a track-by-track basis. From a live perspective, this allows you to have some tracks, such as the vocals, running from the linear timeline, while others run from the loops grid, with components able to be dropped in and out of both. This may not be something you do on stage but it illustrates how Live Loops can make your approach to arrangement in Logic Pro X more performative — in effect, your studio becomes the stage.

That way, you can always return to the original version of the song should anything go wrong. Live Loops blurs the lines between the studio and stage, Master its machinations and you might find that Logic Pro X is the perfect tool for your modern production and performance needs. Our starting point is basic arrangement in the Tracks area. To prepare the project, edit the audio regions so that they all fit within the structure of the song as defined by the markers Intro, Verse, etc.

The screen is now divided into two zones, one for the Live Loops grid, the other for the Tracks Area. Click the top of the divider to ensure that the Live Loops grid is active. Move the first three audio regions on the next track to the Live Loops grid.

They should now populate the first three cells. It helps you find what you’re looking for faster, and it makes it easier and less stressful as your track count increases. Having good naming habits is important when exporting ‘stems’ or individual track audio files in Logic Pro X as the ‘stem files’ will automatically be named whatever the track happens to be named. Good Naming Habits – Name your tracks something recognizable. You’ll thank me later. You ARE using markers, aren’t you?

If you are not, then now is the perfect time to start. These markers won’t just help you get around in Logic, they will be ’embedded’ into your audio files and allow you to find your place in other apps that can read this type of metadata.

You can locate the verse or chorus of your song without having the Logic project file open. Markers are important both inside and out of Logic Pro X. Create logical markers that will make it easy to identify sections of your song. Let’s export each track as its own audio file, this way we can mix them together live in a MainStage project and use them as true ‘backing tracks’. As the name of the command implies, each track will get its own audio file.

I’ve used a simple 8-track song here to match the 8-track setup we’ll use in MainStage. MainStage has a preset built in for backing tracks.


Getting Your Tracks From Logic Into MainStage For Live Performance : moment, please

MainStage is the live-performance companion app for Logic Pro that lets you sound as great on stage as you do in the studio. Using only Logic’s native plugins and four channel strips I’d managed to come up with a live performance rig complete with beat sync able loops. Logic itself is GREAT for live work. I do very complicated and sophisticated splits and controls that allow me to have a very, very live set.


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