Chosing the Right Airsoft Gun

Chosing the Right Airsoft Gun


Hello Good People.  I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from the Good People of Our Great Country wanting to know how to choose the Right airsoft Gun for themselves. So, I thought I’d take just a moment and produce this quick guide. Note, this is not an extensive guide that you might find in an Airsoft Gun Magazine but it should be  38 special ammo helpful.

Okay, First things first. Price. Do you want a Cheap Airsoft Gun or moderately priced or Expensive Airsoft Gun? There are plenty to choose from in all of these categories. You pretty much get what you pay for just like anything else, but there are some exceptions. For instance, I’ve seen some Cheap Spring Guns out perform The Moderately priced Electric Guns in Fps (feet per Second) and accuracy. The Downside is that you can’t get the Automatic Fire feature with the Spring Guns. Depends on what you want I guess.

Next as I alluded to above you have the Spring Airsoft Guns and The Electric Airsoft Guns. The Spring Guns work with no batteries. It is a spring mechanism that is cocked and released to propel the bb out of the barrel. The Electric Guns use a spring as well, that is driven by a small electric motor mechanism which propels the the bb’s out of the barrel. This allows the electric guns to rapid fire. If you are concerned about power and accuracy the Cheap Airsoft Guns, Electric or Spring may not satisfy you. Unless, you look at the Gas Airsoft Guns.

The Gas Airsoft Guns use Green Gas or C02 cartridges as a propellant. These gases are not usually interchangeable but some Guns will use both forms of Gas. For the Money these are probably the best for power and accuracy. In fact some Airsoft War Games Camps have banned the use of Gas Guns. “ouch”

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